Bringing Padel to you...

Information for potential landlords

We build facilities that work in any potential location. And we can deliver Padel flexibly on different time periods.

Designed for urban settings

Designed for urban settings, targeting 4 courts at a  minimum, whether in warehouses, on rooftops or parts unloved, our flagship centres will always be truly unique Padel destinations.

At its best indoors

Padel is always at its best indoors. With a concept carefully designed for rural destinations, such as hotels, estates and country clubs, we can provide a turn-key operation to partner locations and help build a new community.

Innovative court structures

Using innovative court structures that can be set up in a day or less on any flat surface, we can create short term unique activations or longer term installations, to bring Padel to your venue.

Our Mission

A key part of our mission is to drive the take-up of Padel across the UK and create a range of benefits for the communities in which we operate. Examples of these include:


With our Charity Partner - Give-it-Your-Max - we offer introductory Padel sessions for local schools and underprivileged community groups.


With health at the forefront of our collective conscious, Padel Social Clubs are built with a mission to provide fun, inclusive exercise to help people stay fit and healthy.


We always offer introductory rates to local residents,


Padel is a sport for all age groups. And we are open to all.

Local Employment

At each Padel Social Club venue, we strive to provide employment opportunities for locals.


At each venue, we offer employer-sponsored rate to help get employees to lead more active lifestyles.

We are actively looking for venues in the following locations:

  • London
  • Oxford
  • Bristol
  • Brighton
  • Birmingham
  • Manchester
  • Leeds
  • Edinburgh